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By the year 2030, close to 70% of the World's workforce will be freelancers.

That means in less than 10 years, you'll be seeing freelance doctors, getting help from freelance accountants, and saving through freelance bankers. No one wants to climb corporate ladders anymore to become square pegs in round holes. We now want to create our own career ladders, working with people and on projects that we enjoy.

If you're not freelancing on the side or full-time, you need to be. Starting a freelance career could be overwhelming. What service should you provide? How do you get clients? What should you charge? These questions and more can create analysis paralysis. 

This book is by Marvin Marcano, a freelance writer, freelance SEO, and Personal Development advocate. 

Why is it called The 2K Freelancer? Well, for two reasons:

First, in the 2k20s and 2k30s, we will be freelancing in some capacity. The book gives you the basics you need to set up as a freelancer. 

Secondly, 2K ($2000) is a reasonable figure you could make every month as a newbie with just a few clients. 

There is a lot of content out there that promises six-figure freelance careers. While that's not impossible, in my experience, $2000 a month in your first few months is a fair expectation. I was able to achieve that figure when I started off with just 3 clients as a part-time freelancer. 

If you've been sitting on the fence with respect to starting a freelance side hustle or you've been trying to figure out your starting point to fire your boss and freelance full time, this is for you. You can do this almost anywhere in the world. 

Someone out there needs your help.

I want to help get you started.


  • Committing To Excellence
  • Welcome To 2K Freelancer
  • Mindset and Goals
  • Everyone Has Something To Offer
  • 5 Skills You Can Learn To Earn In 30 Days Or Less
  • Your Freelance Toolkit - All The Tools You Need To Be A Kick-Ass Freelancer.
  • How Much Should You Charge?
  • Digital Hunter-Gatherer: How To Find Your First Client
  • Inbound Marketing: How To Get Clients To Come To You
  • Service Delivery 101
  • Closing Thoughts
  • Let Stay Connected

Here are some questions you'll probably like to know:

Is there a refund policy?

Yes indeed. If you're not satisfied or did not get any value, please email within 15 days, and I'll refund you, no questions asked.

Do I need to spend money to set up my freelance career?

You can set everything up without spending a dollar. However, there are simple subscriptions that can make things a lot easier.

Can advanced freelancers buy this book?

The book focuses on beginners or those yet to start freelancing. However, seasoned freelancers may be able to pick up something too! As the saying goes, you learn something new every day. 

It's time to unlock work on your terms. Let's get you started!

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Learn how to become a freelancer and earn your first 2K monthly!

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The 2K Freelancer

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